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Corporate Gifting

So you want the best cookies in the land to say thanks (or welcome...or hurrah...or you're awesome...or one of any gazillion reasons)?  You want to send them to your team, your customers? Or to shout about something really cool you've been working on? Amaaaazing! What a legend you are! We love people like're the best!


In order to get shit done, let's keep things suuuuuuper simple. Pick one of the boxes below. If in doubt, call the Cookie Hot Line on 0345 017 0768


In a Hurry?

Call us if:

  - you need your cookies delivering within the next 7 days

 - you'd like a custom finished box or something fancy

 - you'd like to order more than 300 cookies

Want to Order Online?

We've taken our most popular corporate gift packages and made them super simple to order online.


You can even choose things like ribbon colour, your gift message and upload your logo.


This is the fastest way to order. You can select a delivery date in the checkout and we'll instantly email you with everything else we might need to know.

Don't Like Talking to People?

We get a company and get pestered by sales people with requests to 'make a window', 'create a bespoke, turnkey, high calorie consumption solution' and all that guff.


You can fill in our quote form and we'll email you back within 48 hours with a price... or questions... or both!

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