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Ethics and Sustainability

Our cookies might be wicked but we don't think that running a business needs to be at the cost of the planet. We believe that little businesses can make a big difference so we work hard to be as environmentally friendly and sustainable as possible. It might cost a little more to buy plastic free packing tape, or use compostable baking sheets but we like to think that other companies will follow, and then it will be the norm rather than unusual :)


Online Orders

We've tried hard to make our online deliveries eco friendly and use as little plastic as possible...which is why we don't put orders in plastic outer bags! 

We use:

  • Biodegradeable bags for all our cookies
  • Plain kraft cardboard boxes for online orders (which can be recycled or composted)
  • Paper based tape for box sealing (so you can put the whole box in your compost or recycling)
  • Biodegradeable kraft 'zigzag' void fill (compost it or turn it into amusing wigs)
  • Recycled paper for all printing 
  • DPD for our deliveries (who are carbon neutral)


Our Eco Friendly Bakery

We've been using renewable energy at our home for several years now, so from day one, we were sure that our bakery would also be powered by 100% British renewable energy. We use Good Energy at home and at the bakery and have to say, we're very happy with the prices and service. So, they get a big thumbs up from us!

We use compostable baking sheets which get bagged up and composted at our allotment, along with any food waste. We have dedicated recycling bins for the vinyl gloves we use, these all get bagged up and handed over to our trusted local recycling expert. And all scrap cardboard (from deliveries) is either recycled at the local tip or is used at our allotment.



Where we can, we'll always use local or UK based ingredients. We use locally grown and milled flour (all grown in Warwickshire and milled at one of the few working water mills in the country).

Our eggs come from chickens that are free to roam in the barn or outdoors...there’s even a wooded area where they can rest, get some shade and forage. This is the actual real farm where our eggs come from (and it's certified RSPCA assured). By the way, just thought we'd mention it - Angela's farm (that's our egg lady!) is just down the road from 'Grandma's House'. So Angela delivers our eggs to Grandma and Grandma brings them to our bakery when she comes over to help each week. #lowestfoodmilesever

Our chocolate is Fair Trade and is partnered with Cocoa Horizons to improve the livelihoods of cocoa farmers and communities through sustainable farming and education.


We Plant Trees!

As you may know, we have a loyalty card scheme where you get a free cookie, when you fill the card with stamps. We decided we could go even for every 20 loyalty cards that are redeemed, we plant a tree! In 2019 we planted 50 trees and even in the lockdown year of 2020 we planted 20 trees...all thanks to our lovely customers!